18 December
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11:21 AM Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On medical leave today, really drowsy and tired. In fact, I slept the entire day.
Or I have been working six days a week and church on Sunday, then back to work on Monday...sometimes, I wish Monday is a rest day like all the staff in church. Hahhs... i think I just wanted to have a good rest and sleep today. It's all good. After all the resting, I'm alive and awake now...yes, at 2.25am.

Just ended a msn conv with my hairstylist who's only 23 this year. He shared, helped him think of solutions and invited him for AI. A bad thing, he has to work on weekends and can't make it for AI...but, I'll keep on reaching out to him and one day, he'll know Jesus. I believe. He needs God.

After talking to him, it leaves me with many thoughts and feelings in my mind and heart. So many, that I can't finish talking about them...but somehow, I felt God in all of it. His assurance, His presence with me. I just have a sense of running towards God and hide under the shadow of the Almighty. When I am still, I know He is there. Always there.

I know my relationship with Jesus is special.
After 13 years of being a Christian, He has become my Pillar in life.
Someone closer than any human being.
Someone I feel for, more than towards any physical form.
Someone I constantly long and pine for.
Someone I know I can't live without.

It's really a relationship, not a religion.
How can anyone say that God is not real?
I am glad I'm knowing Jesus in a deeper way.

Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.
Yes, Jesus loves..Jesus knows...Jesus cares.

I love my God. I want to surrender my life towards Him.
He is my only desire.


11:06 AM Friday, January 29, 2010

If we are going to see lives change, we need to take unusual steps.
This is not a game we are playing.
It's a matter of life and death.


11:06 AM Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter One – The Day I Hit The Wall

Fast start fits with the vocabulary of perceived success.
Those who brought their lives into discipline or intentionality would, more likely, go on to long term lives when discipline and depth paid off. And those like me, who relied heavily on natural giftedness, would reach some high point early in our lives and, more than likely, trail off into averageness for the last half of our days on earth.
By the end of the day, you could say that I had gone through something of a conversion experience. I would deliberately reorder my life, I determined, and I would do my best to jump the track from a life and work based on natural giftedness to one built on discipline and intentionality.

I tried as best as I could to acknowledge to God my regret and I had misinterpreted the conduct of my life and use of my natural gifts. I wanted him to know that I desired to change and that if He would intervene in my spiritual journey and acquaint me with some new processes of discipline, I would listen as best as I could. I was seeking a renovation of my life.

First step – journal. I declared that I was going to bring my life under control, into order. I was, for sure, never going to go through a morning life that again.

These declarations and others were not easy to fulfil. I am not by nature an organized peson. I do not pick things up automatically. I do not finish things before I start something else. I am not good with details. I can easily forget things I’ve promised to do. And I can get easily distracted. I am a day dreamer. I can be very playful and I can fall effortlessly into the trap of trying to please everyone.

Renovating these parts of my life – that’s what I had to do.

OPW is written by a naturally disordered man who had to get his life in line if he was ever to amount to anything.

Forget about the gadgets and start with the interior, the private world.
The order we seek begins with a thorough scouring of the inside of life. With tough questions that it may take others to help us answer. With a confronting of beliefs and principles that are toxic and destructive. With a listening to the voice of God who has better things for us.

Memo to the Disorganized: If my private world is in order, it will be because I am convinced that the inner world of the spiritual must govern the outer world of activity.

11:47 AM Monday, December 7, 2009

It's 4am in the morning and I am sitting outside the MPR1, wanting to blog and write an email. I've heard someone once said that you are the clearest in the mind when the dawn is breaking. Well, i'm made this way and I wonder why.

Anyway, I just spent 15 mins 'turning aside' to God.
And I can't wait for CHC Prayer Meeting to begin in 3 hours time!

Maybe I should start my day by thanking Jesus (:

Thank You for the chance to live again.
Thank You for Your grace.
Thank You for loving me unconditionally.
Thank You for being faithful when I'm faithless.
Thank You for leading me back to the Cross.
Thank You for Your healing hands.
Thank You for Your smile on my life.
Thank You for Your Word.
Thank You for changing my heart.
Thank You for breaking me.
Thank You for my Pastors.
Thank You for You, Jesus.
I love You more than words can say.


9:02 AM Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a phenomenal weekend Heart of God Church had (:

1) Men United

Wow! Our first ever Men's Ministry!!!
Ps How and Ps Frazer Rowe from C3 kicked it off with a blast.
I've not been to the conference because women aren't allowed, but I've heard about all the happenings! The men are going to rise and they're gonna lift the women up!
I'm sure this ministry is gonna get stronger.

2) Parachute Band

Like Sam dejong tweeted, this is the most insane night ever in Singapore with all the crazy youths praising God like never! I love every single song they wrote and played with all my heart. As a music person, the lyrics meant a lot to me. The song "Mercy" had a new verse to it...gosh. Powerful!

They are the best band ever. Loving God and loving people.

3) Ps How's Dad got saved!

More than 10 years of prayer and works...
I'm so happy for my Pastors!

4) New Teens Band

I'm so happy and proud of the Zone F WT!!
They're simply amazing and they are the best!
A new 41st day....a new generation who'll stand on the shoulders of Ps Lia and 41st Day. They are the new sound for the next generation.
I cannot imagine what they'll be like in the next 5 years.
All the way Zone F WT!

These are the top four most happening news for this ONE WEEKEND!
I love my God.
I love my Pastors.
I love HOGC.
This is my home.


1:00 AM Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earlier this week, I tweet-ed..."This week's gonna be a week of miracles."

I have been sending 100s of resumes for the past one and a half month.
I'm a little sick of doing so, because every call i received is on the position of a financial adviser. But this morning while I was still sleeping, I received a call from Starhub approaching me for an interview on the Marketing Executive position. Although it's a temp contract, but I'm SO thankful to God for answering my prayers.
I was about to look for a hotel job which requires shift work..just YESTERDAY.
It's really a miracle from Heaven. I love my God!

Anyway, I'm on a quest to complete my "Investments" assignments.
It's a quest because it's really tough and exam is on the following Saturday.
This is another miracle I need - not just to pass an exam, but to do well.
I'm having faith for it...gonna conquer this paper man!

OKAY, that's all for today.
I'm thinking of some people these few days... (:
OH...and congrats to all O levels students. It is finished! Hurray!!!
And all A Level students, like what Ps Lia said, we're standing with you!!!
Not to forget...our Uni students too! Including PGSM students..hahhaha
Let's do it.

Done deal.


9:20 AM Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow, another post after a long while.
A few random stuffs that I'm updating...heehee

Been reading christian books and listening to plenty of audio sermons by Ps How, Ps Lia and Ps Kong. I'm beginning to fall in love with this routine. God's word is like a mirror reflecting my inner being. Each time, He never fails to convict me of my weaknesses and also, affirms me of my strengths. God is so surprisingly strange. He sees through people all the time. I can't seems to hide anything from Him or even put up a front...I didn't even try to do that because I know it doesn't work for God. I just laugh over it. He knows me through and through!

Yeah...reading and listening. Am looking for a logos online too. One of my dreams is to teach in Bible School one day. To teach or preach the Word of God isn't an easy thing to do. We have to live what we preach and then there's convictions and the power of God. We are to be His testimony to the world. Man falls into sins and fail terribly when they disobey God and walk in their own do i. But thank God, I don't give up easily...the desire to be a vessel for God is still burning and it'll keep me going even in the valley of the shadows of death. Because of this desire, I am even more determined to live a pure and holy life all over again and one day, being able to preach when I've lived it.

Okay, next year 2010! I have been making plans for the next few years in terms of spiritually, ministries, abilities, finances and family. When there's no vision, a man will always return to its past. It's time I need a vision to run with. Next year, I'll be taking two important exams - Music Theory Grade 3 and Vocal Exam. Yes, I'm feeling the need to grow and improve in these two areas. As I grow spiritually, my abilities must grow together with it. Music and singing are my strengths. Using them for the glory of God always.

Lastly, I need a great job so that I can fulfill my BF and survive and be happy!
God help!!!!

That's all!